Weber Grill Out Barbecue LED Light Fits Other Models Too.

weber grill out handle light for bbq

The handle bracket is on the LED bbq light but the package also has an other bracket that also attaches instead of the one currently attached to allow the weber grill light to fit other barbecues.

The Weber grill out handle light is designed to clamp around the hood handle and point down illuminating the grilling surface.  The lights are LED which are bright and clear.  The light is powered by 4 AAA batteries that install into the housing and the weather-resistant design is very low-tech.  The switch showing on the side of the plastichousing  in this image can be twisted and pulled out to reveal the battery compartment.  There are three layers of o-rings to seal the battery compartment from moisture.  The light is designed to be left on the grill handle and not to be removed when the barbecue is not in use.


In fact the light is designed to be left in the “on” position even when the grill is not in use.  There is a switch in the grill that swings with gravity so the light automatically comes on when the handle is up and the light automatically turns off when the lid is closed down.

However, what is decidedly forward thinking about the Weber grill out handle light for barbecues is that the Weber light is made to fit grills that are not  Weber models.  The light comes with an extra bracket.  The completed and installed product is two pieces with the clamp separating in order to attach or remove the handle light.  In the package the front of the assembly is together but there are two different clmps that attach the the handle.  Obviously one of these is molded to fit the Weber handle on Weber model barbecues.  The other extra clamp is a more round opening that can be used to illuminate the grilling surface of other barbecue models also.