gas log ventless fireplace

This unvented gas fireplace burner and logs has a manual valve, manual ignition, a standing safety pilot kit and an on–off switch that conveniently operated the fireplace without using the valve. There are 2 burners plus the cross-over burner shown in the first image. The cross-over fireplace burner allows the flame to travel between burners so both burners have reliable ignition. We are planning a raffle based on people who visit and comment on our online facebook page. After a month we will take anyone who commented and liked our page and send them the brand new vent-free gas log fireplace kit.

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  1. i own a dcs bbq grill, that i purchased in 1998. i was fortunate to find this website. i spoke to Jason, he was very knowledegable on the parts and how to install them. Any time i called he gave me as much time as i needed to ask my questions about my grill. Im very satisified with dealing with jason and his company. I highly recommend dealing with jason and this company for their honesty and experience.

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