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Ducane Gas BBQ Grills and Replacement Parts

When shopping for a new barbecue grill, a Ducane grill is definitely one of the best choices you can make. The company was launched in 1946 as Ducane Brothers Metal Fabricating. About three decades later, the company began manufacturing gas grills. Over the years, Ducane has represented the cutting edge of barbecue grills. That has included hallmarks such as the durability and reliability of their grills. When surveyed, three out of four Ducane grill customers say that their next barbecue grill would be a Ducane model! Before purchasing replacement parts, be aware of the models’ differing features:

1. Stainless steel parts.

Stainless steel is an excellent material for the exterior of barbecue grills. Sometimes manufacturers use it exclusively for a grill’s burners. Other times, the entire grill is encased in stainless steel. Stainless steel helps to prevent rusting, staining, and corrosion. But as a word of caution, keep in mind that not all stainless steels are alike! Countries such as China tend to use inferior quality materials, in order to reduce a product’s shipping costs. That said, choosing a low-grade stainless steel could be as problematic as choosing an inferior type of material. So keep in mind that low-grade stainless steel parts will make the grill less durable.

replacement gas grill burner for new model ducane grills

replacement gas grill burner for new model ducane grills

2. Warming rack.

This is a crucial feature if you’re grilling for a small army, or have a gap between cooking and serving tasty foods. The warming rack is positioned perfectly so the food that you’ve already grilled will stay warm, but won’t get overcooked. This is a must-have feature for anyone who does major grilling. While it’s another part that you might need to replace, it’s certainly a worthwhile component.

3. Burners.

If you want the convenience of using your barbecue grill to do other types of cooking besides grilling, then choose a grill with burners. Still, various features can affect which types of replacement parts you’d need. Some burners are made of stainless steel, while others are constructed from flimsier materials. The number of burners can differ, though they typically range from 2-4. So it’s important to know how many you’d need.

4. Grid.

This is another key replacement part of Ducane grills. Grids are available in different materials and sizes. These features will influence the cost of replacement parts. When purchasing a replacement part, make sure to know the exact model number of your Ducane grill.  Original Ducane cooking grates had a different design to the cooking grates than any other barbeque.  Ducane cooking grids were thin stainless steel and formed a convex layer for the food to grill.  The idea was to maximize the searing area when heat was transferred through the stainless grates.

ducane reversible cooking grates made wide for searing food during grilling at high temperatures.

ducane reversible cooking grates made wide for searing food during grilling at high temperatures.

5. Lid thermometer.

This is an invaluable tool that lets you know the cooking temperature of your meats, without needing to open the grill’s lid and then test the meat. Doing that can reduce the grill’s heat retention, and ultimately increase your cooking time. But by using a lid thermometer, you can constantly keep an eye on the meat’s cooking temperature. While you may need to replace the thermometer, it’s still a useful add-on.

6. Smoking box.

This attachment is a must-have for grillers who are fans of smoked foods. It allows your grilled meats to absorb the aroma and flavor from smoke produced by burning wood or charcoal. But isn’t using a natural gas grill sufficient for enhancing the flavor of your grilled foods? There is no way to duplicate this experience without having a compartment on your grill for smoking meats. Traditionally, people have used different types of wood to create different types of smoke flavors. These flavors then complement certain types of food. When using a grass grill, hardwood lump charcoal tends to produce the best smoked meat.

7. Rotisserie attachment.

This is a critical component for your Ducane grill if you want to add some variety when cooking on it. The rotisserie is perfect for roasting a variety of small game birds. In fact, roasting is easily one of the healthiest ways to prepare meats. The rotation of the meat ensures that it’s cooked evenly. Meanwhile, the suspended rotisserie mechanism allows for excess fat to drip from the meat. Sauces and herbs will perfect your roasted meats. While most people use rotisserie to cook chickens, you can also cook a wide variety of small game birds, such as duck.

For over 30 years, Ducane has been perfecting its line of barbecue grills. When choosing a certain model, knowing what features it has will make it easier to find necessary replacement parts.


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