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new outdoor kitchen in boca raton florida

New Outdoor Kitchen with Solaire Infrared gas grill. A cast-crete header and columns will be added to the backsplash after the weekend. This is the same built in gas grill I use at home.
The infrared burners are extra-ordinary. Searing heat is available immediately. Under the grill is 27″ built in double access doors with inner shelves. Refrigerator is built in but is not UL approved for outdoor electrical use. Under an over hang, it is less important. A non UL rated refrigerator will eventually stop working due to weather or humidity. In a grill island built from wood — even pressure treated wood — a UL rated refrigerator must be built in because when the electrical stops working it causes a spark. We built with concrete and steel; nothing is flammable. Many clients will choose to spend $175. on this refrigerator instead of $2000. on a stainless UL refrigerator if the option is available.

This outdoor kitchen design is very popular. Adding a couple of bar stools allows a couple to grill, have a few drinks and sit to eat. A complete package in a single grill island. Like being on a vacation, at home.

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