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Charmglow Gas Barebque Grill Parts

When it comes to simplicity Charmglow grills are by far unmatched as a popular barbeque for weekends in the backyard. Charmglow came into existence between 1960 to 1980 and originally attracted a lot of attention due to their high quality design and construction. In the past the models had various types of names and today Home Depot is the one that uses the brand to attract people that are looking for a simple way to have a barbecue. The two manufactures that are now making Charmglow grills for Home Depot are: Nexgrill and Brinkmann Corporation. Both use their own method to identify the grills that they launch on the market.   Nexgrill uses the series number with  digits 720, Brinkmann Corporation uses the series number that begin with 810. Charmglow grills are made of inexpensive stainless steel and are highly esteemed for being lightweight and inexpensive.

Shop for Charmglow gas barbeque grill repair parts:

The original Charmglow barbecues were built so well, such high quality there are 30 year old Charmglows in use today.  Really, they were that good.  But like the Ducane gas barbeque grills in recent years the Charmglow barbeque has become mass produced to fit a price-point in the super-store setting.  Charmglow replacement BBQ parts are necessary to keep the modern version of the BBQ in use for over a year.  The stainless is made overseas and the grill parts are made overseas without good quality controls.  The modern Charmglow barbeque grills have a lot of interesting features including side burner, infrared burner, warming drawers, sinks, fireplaces, access drawers and all for very low prices.

At that price it is simple to bring home a new Charmglow right now.  Just be ready by next year to review the following Charmglow gas barbeque grill parts list for repairs.

Charmglow replacement pipe burner grill parts

Charmglow replacement pipe burner grill parts

Charmglow replacement gas bbq grill burner fits Charmglow barbecue models:

810-6320-b          —          810-6320-v
810-7310-f            —          810-7310-s
810-7420-f           —          810-74200-s
810-7440-f           —          810-7440-s
810-7500-s           —         810-7600-f
14051 - Charmglow and Brinkmann replacement grill parts gas burner

14051 - Charmglow and Brinkmann replacement grill parts gas burner

Charmglow replacement barbeque grill pipe burner 14051 fits Charmglow models:

10101-72601 Charmglow bbq replacement gas grill burner

10101-72601 Charmglow bbq replacement gas grill burner

This “H” burner fits Charmglow barbeque models 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 5125, 6125, 7130, AMK, JAK and TNK.  These are the original Charmglow barbeque grills that were built to a much higher standard than the current models
The “H” burner exists in Charmglow grills in dozens of different sizes, materials and venturi design.  The good news is that Charmglow bbq grill replacement parts are available for this years model and every other year going back 30 years.
41602 Charmglow replacement cooking grates

41602 Charmglow replacement cooking grates

This charmglow replacement grill fits approximately 30 different model of barbeque.  Charmglow has been making gas grills for so long has been owned and manufactured by so many different companies that hundreds of replacement parts exist for Charmglow.  Also, based on todays standards, most of the replacement grill parts are better quality than the original bbq parts that came with the gas grill.
97311 charmglow heat shield replacement bbq grill parts

97311 charmglow heat shield replacement bbq grill parts

Heat shields deflect grease as it drops from the cooking surface and spread the heat coming off the charmglow burners during barbecuing and grilling.  These flavoriser plates are necessary for even heat and for protecting the barbeque burners from getting clogged with grease.
There are hundreds of replacement grill parts for the charmglow line of barbecues.  The Charmglow story is rich and long.  Although the grills are more popular today then they ever were the quality is no where near the high standards of the original manufacturers.  However, many of our clients are very happy with their charmglow barbeque because without spending a lot of money they are able to get a large grilling surface, infrared sear zone, side burner, storage drawers and a tank of propane gas.
The current charmglow line-up is very similar to the Brinkmann barbeques because they are bth made i the same factory owned by same company.  Recently other items have been released with the Brinkmann/Charmglow brand.  Items like fireplaces, replacement parts, stove tops, built in bbq grill heads and accessories have been broadening the line.
For Charmglow replacement BBQ grill parts, go to www.Grill-Repair.com

brinkmann gas bbq grill

brinkmann gas bbq grill

charmglow gas bbq grill replacement parts

charmglow gas bbq grill replacement parts


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