Outdoor Kitchen Design Images

If you take one piece of advice from a guy who has built and designed hundreds of outdoor kitchen grill islands and outdoor bars it is do not buy cheap.  A cheap grill or set of access doors in a permanent structure is a really bad idea.  When we buy imported grills on portable carts and they rust out or break every two years, it is not a big production to roll it down to the edge of the driveway for the bulk pick-up to take to the trash.  When a built in grill goes bad and it is built in you have a hole in your outdoor kitchen.  Depending on the measurements of the opening in your countertop you have to find a built in bbq grill head that will fit into your outdoor kitchen.

When you design your outdoor kitchen get a grill that will live as long as you expect tolive in your house.  Call the manufacturer and ask about warranties.  Make sure there are several local service providers for the products in your area.  Make sure the built in grill and access doors, drawers, etc are going to provide the features you desire but also make certain the built in accessories are going to withstand the usage you will expect.

I have designed and built many outdoor kitchens that were not grill islands.  If a client is going to save a couple of thousand dollars on the grill, built the island without the grill and keep an inexpensive grill on a cart.

outdoor kitchen design

grill island design effective use of minimal space

I suggest customers buy inexpensive built in refrigerators because refrigerators, sinks, faucets and some sizes of doors are easy to locate and easy to replace when they go bad.  If you can custom built an outdoor kitchen with storage, refrigeration, plumbing and plenty of usable counter space then keep your grill on a cart.  Just like the kitchen in your home if you have useful accessories, storage and space to work and serve from then you will enjoy using your outdoor kitchen.

Take a look at some of the designs our clients have chosen to customize with us at grill repair in South Florida.

outdoor kitchen with lynx built in grill

outdoor kitchen and small serving area

outdoor kitchen with big green egg charcoal smoker

outdoor kitchen with big green egg charcoal smoker and seating

outdoor kitchen image of built in bbq doors

this outdoor kitchen is a rebuild. we had to demolish the original because the original accessories were no longer usable

outdoor kitchen l design grill island image

The L designed outdoor kitchen is popular because lots of space and seating is created and the grill island is completely covered with a 9' umbrella

outdoor kitchen without built in bbq grill

Outdoor kitchen without built in bbq grill provides space, storage, plumbing and refrigeration used with movable barbeque

outdoor kitchen custom built in to match house

built in grill custom built in outdoor kitchen to match house like it was always there

outdoor kitchen with built in bbq grill and oven

outdoor kitchen with built in grill and oven, refrigeration, everything custom built as a full kitchen in the backyard

large full outdoor kitchen with dcs built in bbq grill

This outdoor kitchen is a full kitchen with plenty of seating, built in dcs grill, keg, side burners, plumbing even built in trash compactor

outdoor kitchen with built in bbq grill on cart

outdoor kitchen with built in bbq grill on cart


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